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            Since company was founded, we always strictly follow ISO/TS16949, ISO/14001 standards and advocate fashion and low carbon life, complying with the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, we determined to develop more and more fashion, advantaged quality and light aluminum alloy wheels, we have passed JAPAN VIA/JWL and GERMANY TUV certificates.

            We also have applied the following 7 High and New- technology projects, low pressure casting mixing cooling process, hyper aluminum alloy wheels technical, central alloy liquid supplying system, automatic heat treatment process, self-made nitrogen gas liquid aluminum dehydrogenation process, aluminum alloy wheels machining face plus color line process, aluminum alloy wheels producing water recycling system and so on. And in Year 2014, we got another 7 new technical patents, which were wheel casting parts assistant grinding machine, wheel casting parts’ Aerator, wheel casting parts shot blasting gravity deoxidization and heat treatment conformal full loading holder, wheel casting parts heat treatment conformal holder, aluminum alloy wheel mold filter, aluminum alloy wheel casting liquid iron remover, at the same time we stress on the innovation of the process and the weight on both the new and old products, as well as on our production facilities and development of new products to create more benefits.

            ISO 2013-2016

            Impact test finite element analysis

            ISO 2009
            ISO 2010-2013


               Finite element analysis of bending 

            fatigue experiments

               Finite element analysis of 

            radial fatigue test

            MOLD DESIGN

               Casting mold flow analysis


               Casting mold flow analysis



            Design / Analysis Software:

             Auto CAD

              UG NX 6.0


              CATIA V5 R20

              IDEAS  11.0